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FBI paid informant to sow discord during 2020 Black Lives Matter protests

by The Grio

A newly released investigative podcast revealed that the FBI paid a felon to infiltrate Denver’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest in 2020 following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old man killed by law enforcement in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Journalist Trevor Aaronson produced the podcast “Alphabet Boys,” which details how the FBI allegedly used Michael Adam Windecker II to target Black activists and coerce them into joining a plot to assassinate Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser.

According to the podcast, Windecker tried to recruit activist Zebbodios “Zebb” Hall to participate in the assassination plan. Hall feared for his life and felt he had no choice but to cooperate. Since Windecker was an ex-felon, he asked Hall to purchase a gun that would be used in the assassination attempt.  

Hall told theGrio, “I had to get this guy this gun because if I don’t get this guy this gun, he’s got my information. He’s got my family’s information.”

Aaronson told theGrio that Hall was frightened of what Windecker would do if he refused to conspire.

“Everyone I talked to described how they were deathly afraid of [Windecker]. He had pictures of dead ISIS fighters on his phone,” he claimed.

He added, “Windecker spoke of having killed people. He had a criminal history that was violent. And so, people that got close to him were afraid to back away from him, in part because they were fearing physical harm from him.”

Aaronson believes that Hall should not have faced any consequences for his actions.

“This crime was wholly manufactured and would not have taken place were it not for the FBI,” he argued. “Zab used FBI money to purchase a gun to give to an FBI informant who then gives that gun to the FBI. So, this was an entirely victimless client crime, and it was a crime that would not have happened were it not for the FBI pushing them to do this.”


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