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‘DEI’ and ‘incompetent’ attacks on Harris slammed as racist, sexist and out of touch

by The Grio

Though President Joe Biden has repeatedly denounced suggestions that he will step aside as the Democratic presidential nominee, discussions on news airwaves and in political circles have swirled about whether Vice President Kamala Harris could step in his place — but not without personal insults from her political opponents.

Though some polling shows Harris may have a better shot at defeating Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — including a majority of 211,000 Black voters approving of her record — critics say commentary from the political right about her leadership as vice president and potential Democratic presidential nominee trafficks in racism and sexism. 

On Saturday, U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, dismissed Harris as a potential replacement for Biden, telling News Nation that America’s first female, first Black female and first South Asian female vice president is “unserious” and “incompetent.”

“She’s a very unserious person. She has not succeeded in anything she’s done,” said the former NFL player turned Republican lawmaker. “…this is the great example of affirmative action. This is a great example of DEI. We’re talking about a person who … has a skin color, but skin color does not … denote merit, does not denote competency, and she is a very incompetent person.”

And the same day of Owens’ remarks about Harris, the New York Post published an opinion article written by Charles Gasparino titled, “America may soon be subjected to the country’s first DEI president: Kamala Harris.” In it, the conservative blogger called the sitting vice president an “irrepressibly fatuous politician” and who “may become the leader of the free world because the Democratic Party is unable to break its DEI stranglehold.

Democrats and political experts slammed the recent critiques against Harris and predicted the attacks would ultimately backfire on Republicans. 


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