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Dems decry passage of anti-CRT bill in N.C. House

by The Grio

Democrats in North Carolina oppose the passage of an anti-critical race theory bill they believe will deter teachers from bringing up controversial topics in class.

The North Carolina House Republicans passed House Bill 187, titled “Equality in Education,” on Wednesday, restricting how educators can teach racism and sexism. According to The Charlotte Observer, party lines prevailed in the 68-49 decision, with all Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting against. 

“The bill on its face is the obvious attempt to micromanage from the General Assembly into the classrooms,” Mecklenburg County Democratic Rep. Laura Budd said, according to The Observer. “It’s overreach. It will have a chilling effect on teachers and educators in curtailing what they think they’re allowed to teach, as well as how they teach.”

House Bill 187 states that public schools cannot promote ideas such as “one race or sex is inherently superior” or that a person, solely by their race or sex, is inherently sexist, racist or oppressive.

The legislation, which omits the term “critical race theory,” would mandate that schools announce online beforehand whenever they offer instruction relating to the forbidden ideas. They must also disclose if they employ diversity trainers, consultants, or lecturers with a history of promoting them.

The measure prohibits educators from teaching “white privilege,” the idea that people of one race have unfair advantages. According to the legislation, instructors cannot advocate that someone should receive privileges based on race or sexual orientation. 

GOP lawmakers claim the bill intends to stop schools from promoting critical race theory. 

Gaston County Republican Rep. John Torbett, the bill’s sponsor, contended that everyone should agree that no student, teacher, parent, school employee or anyone “should ever be made to feel inferior solely…

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