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Arkansas Senate approves bill banning affirmative action

by The Grio

The Arkansas Senate has passed a bill to end affirmative action by state and local agencies.

Despite warnings that the decision would jeopardize various programs, including support for historically Black colleges and health initiatives, the majority-Republican Senate advanced the legislation Thursday by a vote of 18 to 12, according to The Associated Press.

The measure outlaws preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. State Sen. Dan Sullivan, a white Republican, claimed that his plan, which allows state agencies two years to comply, aims to combat discrimination.

Public schools and higher education facilities would also be subject to the legislation.

“If we are ever going to solve discrimination in the state,” Sullivan contended, according to AP, “it will not be by further discrimination.”

However, opponents of the bill claimed it could jeopardize several local and state initiatives if passed. In addition to health programs and those for minorities and women entrepreneurs, Democratic state Sen. Linda Chesterfield worries it could also impact efforts and enterprises that categorize disabled veterans as a specific group.

“The ramifications of this bill are great, especially for ethnic minorities, for women, and for disabled veterans,” Chesterfield said, according to AP. “Because you’re saying in essence there cannot be programs that address the specific needs of those individuals.”

The measure advanced as GOP governors and lawmakers across the nation seek tighter controls on diversity initiatives and racial studies curricula, including this week’s signing by Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders of a bill that seals into law her executive order banning critical race theory teachings in public schools.

Huckabee Sanders told reporters she was monitoring Sullivan’s bill but declined to acknowledge whether or not she supports it,…

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