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Tyler Perry has a new film called ‘Mea Culpa.’ Here are 4 other film suggestions for him. 

by The Grio

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On Feb. 23, Tyler Perry is releasing a new film on Netflix called “Mea Culpa.” Trust me, the irony of that title is as delicious to me as it is to you. With that said, the FIRST thought I had when I saw the title of this film was that the name of the main character, played by Kelly Rowland, would be Mea. And wouldn’t you know it, I was right. Tyler Perry is nothing if not predictable when it comes to his film conventions. When he released “A Fall From Grace” in 2020, the name of the main character was — you guessed it — Grace. “Good Deeds” starred Tyler Perry as Wesley Deeds. Obviously, he doesn’t do this every time, but he loves a fun play on words. Take “The Family That Preys” for instance about families that prey on each other and who need prayer. That Tyler, what a card. 

Here’s the thing, I might joke about such things (and all of his movies, really) but I’ll be right there on Feb. 23 watching this movie as soon as I’m able to pull it up on streaming. The trailer for it looks good; the film stars Rowland as a lawyer who takes up the case of an artist played by Trevante Rhodes. If you watched the legal jurisprudence of “A Fall From Grace” with a side-eye then you are probably as dubious about the legal proceedings we will see in this movie as I am, but it’s fine — the shenanigans are what we’re here for. And baby, we’re here for it; since the trailer for the film dropped on Wednesday, it’s racked up over 3 million views and counting. Tyler Perry stays winning. 

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Since I’m rooting for everybody Black; I love to see Tyler Perry win so I thought I might toss a few more film suggestions his way with fun “play on words” titles in case he’s hunting….

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