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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Pop Out’ delivered another knockout

by The Grio

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Sometimes, as I tweeted last night, you really do have to pop out and show people. That’s what Kendrick did last night with an epic show. Someone on TikTok said “Kendrick is Juneteenth and Drake is the Fourth of July,” and after last night’s Kendrick concert The Pop Out, that checks out. Kendrick is Black culture while Drake is a huge crossover celebration. But, before we go any further, we need to come together on a name for this historic show that the culture watched as one, talking on Black Twitter and texts about how this show was giving us life. 

@shanellegenai on Twitter suggested we could call it “Gangchella” or “Gangteenth” because of how Kendrick brought together the Bloods and the Crips and the Pirus of L.A. at the end of the show. (She also suggested “Goonteenth,” “The Gangerie,” “The Blood Bonvention,” and “Niggapalooza.”) The gang unity aspect was both heartwarming and wild. To see red and blue dancing onstage together and taking a photo together showed Kendrick’s cultural power — his ability to unite warring people is unmatched in modern hip-hop. @michaelharriot tweeted: “Gangbangers frolicking was not on my Juneteenth bingo card.” @actatumonline tweeted: “It’s dudes with 14 bodies on that stage dancing care free.” They were onstage together at the end in peace. @righttimeBomani said Kendrick deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for that. I tweeted “Not Like Us” is so hot it united Crips and Bloods.  

But no this will not go down as “Gangchella.” Many suggested we call it “Hatechella.” @mikebeauvais tweeted: “This is like “We Are the World but for hating a guy.” Kendrick ran through all his battle records, starting with “Euphoria,” sliding into “6:16 In LA” and “Like That” and then ending with “Not Like Us” which he did…

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