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‘Raising Kanan’ Season 3, Episode 7: Ronnie has to go

by The Grio

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We have a lot to cover today, class, so we’re going to speed through a few things to get to the two most important people of this season of “Raising Kanan,” Ronnie and Uncle Marvin. 

Kanan has been annoying me so much lately. It’s bad enough that he kicked Famous out of his own apartment (I still need to understand how this is even possible), but now he’s being messy and threatening to cause drama in Jukebox’s aspiring singing group, Butta. Kanan was getting handsy with Iesha, aka Pukebox (sorry, that’s funny), at the movies, and she wasn’t having it. So instead of being the decent human being Kanan can be at times, he sends her on her way home, alone, on the train. Trifling. But instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, he doubles down on his triflingness and when the OTHER annoying and messy girl in the group, Crystal, calls him to smash, he rolls through. Listen, there’s a reason we never got to hear Butta’s breakthrough single from 1994, and his name is Kanan. Jade, Brownstone and SWV send their thanks. 

Jukebox is over Kanan, by the way. And I LOVE the way she isn’t scared of him (or Ronnie) and punks him in front of Ronnie. It tracks with how much deference he paid to Jukebox in “Power,” ya know … before he kills her. If only Jukebox could see where her life ended up, which I think is a pun. I didn’t intend it. Let’s move on.

Det. Howard needs some kind of award for the amount of assistance he’s providing Raquel, who is trying to get back into the drug game so she needs his help. Sure he’s a dirty cop, but I mean he is always in the right place at the right time, and the fact that he manages to get in the way of Scrap’s mother spitting her shenanigans all over the police station? Chef’s kiss. I’m just saying, Howard needs a gift certificate to McDowell’s or…

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