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Project 2025 promises to shut down Dept. of Education, ban abortion, roll back civil rights and more

by The Grio

If you’re an American planning to vote in this year’s election, Project 2025 is a must-read document.

The so-called “playbook” is a presidential transition plan that lays out what should happen in the first 180 days of a conservative presidency in nearly 1,000 pages of detail.  

It’s more than a fantasy wish list or set of media talking points — the project is backed by the influential Heritage Foundation, along with more than 100 conservative organizations, partners, and scholars, and is led by former Trump administration officials, despite the Trump campaign operating independently of the organization.  

The Project 2025 group is very clear that they have policies meant to change America as we know it, and loyal staff who they intend to train and hire to implement the changes. They’ve even founded a “Presidential Administration Academy” to prepare people to step into jobs right away.

So what are the changes, and how far do they go? Here are a few that jump off the page:

Shutting down the Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education not only distributes financial aid to students but also ensures that schools are living up to civil rights measures. Project 2025 seeks to redirect education funding to states and undercut higher education, which it claims has been “captured by woke ‘diversicrats.’”

Despite the Department of Education’s roots in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the founders of Project 2025 call for “safeguarding civil rights” by “rejecting gender ideology and critical race theory.” Meanwhile, critical race theory is a legal framework, founded by African-American scholar Derrick Bell, that isn’t taught in K-12 public schools. Nevertheless, Republican strategists have found it a useful tool to fund culture war anxieties about “anti-whiteness.” 

Banning shipping of abortion pills, reverse FDA approval of medication abortion

Project 2025 reasons that now that…

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