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My bad, homie, but my toddler doesn’t think your phone call is important. Ever.

by The Grio

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I want to issue a blanket apology to any and everybody who has spent even a minuscule amount of time on the phone with me while my toddler was in my presence. My bad. I’m sure whatever you called me about it was important, but next time, just send a text because I didn’t hear a single thing you just said since my kid has decided nothing you have to say is more important than his desire for me to not hear it.

You see, he’s taken to both screaming and relentlessly attempting to get my attention every single time I answer the phone. And it doesn’t matter if I’m physically holding the phone to my ear or on my AirPods; somehow he can tell I’m on the phone, and well, *CENSORED* your phone call, bro. Work meetings? Check. Sad, emotional phone calls with friends who need to bend my ear? Check. Phone calls from my mechanic trying to explain to me what’s wrong with my car and just how much it’s about to call? Check. 

I have a weekly production meeting for my podcast via Google Meet and lil’ homie has been on doggone near every single call. He hops in the videos and wants to talk. He points at the screen. My boss? She knows my son well. My producer? Same. He is intent on being present. But you know what? At least in that sense, he gets his distraction off and then usually moves on to leaving Legos or sharp pointy objects in strategic places to ensure I make weekly calls to my podiatrist — what’s up, Dr. Scholl? But a phone call? No dice, fam. If I answer the phone, he pokes his little head up from whatever has his attention and starts yelling for me and my attention. I don’t know who he thinks is on the phone or why he doesn’t like them — or you — but he doesn’t, at all. He’s over all of your ideas and brainstorming. He wants me to pay attention to him…

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