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University Of Kentucky ‘Karen’ Pleads Not Guilty To Racist Attack On Black Student Despite Video Evidence

by Black America Web

A former student at the University of Kentucky who was shown on video leading a racist, violent attack on campus against a Black student pleaded not guilty to the anti-Black assault despite a wealth of video and circumstantial evidence supporting the charges.

It was a masterclass in white privilege on Friday morning as Sophia Rosing tried to pretend before a Kentucky court that she didn’t commit the acts she is shown doing on video footage that suggests race, at least partially, motivated her violence.

In case you missed it, Rosing back in November was confronted by Spring, a freshman, for not producing the required identification to enter a dormitory where Spring was working an overnight shift. Rosing responded in kind with a spate of anti-Black racist slurs and a violent attack that was fended off by Spring.

Police responded and arrested Rosing, but not before she bit and kicked a University of Kentucky police officer, intentionally attempting to cause him harm, according to court documents.

Rosing was seen accompanied by her parents after being released on a $10,000 bond the next day.

Last month, Rosing, 22, was criminally indicted by a grand jury for third-degree assault of a police officer, two counts of fourth-degree assault, second-degree disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication.

It was in that context that local news outlet Lex 18 reported that “Rosing showed very little emotion in court” on Friday.

The scene described in court is very on-brand for Rosing.

The evidence against Rosing is damning

Spring was working in a University of Kentucky dormitory during the early morning hours of Nov. 6 when she confronted Rosing, who appeared intoxicated and did not produce the required ID to enter an elevator.

That’s when Rosing got violent, and racist, spewing the N-word dozens of times during a one-sided fight that Spring and another Black student attempted to de-escalate and fend her off.

What happened?

Spring posted her own…

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