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Twitter Drags Joe Biden Over ‘White Boy’ Remarks During Black History Month Event

by Black America Web

At some point, President Joe Biden just needs to come to glory on the fact that trying to relate to Black people is simply not his ministry. Like many white politicians, Biden can’t seem to get on our level without either being condescending or what the Black community affectionately refers to as “extra.”

I mean, I get it: Biden authored the 1994 crime bill that resulted in the mass incarceration of Black people, and in the ’70s, he sounded just like modern Republicans while denouncing the idea of desegregated schools and declaring that he’s not responsible for America’s racist past just because he’s white—so, the guy has a lot to make up for when it comes to us Black folks. 

But at some point, Biden, the gaffe king who eats his foot with every meal, needs to understand that he doesn’t need to start showing out whenever he gets in front of a Black audience because he never comes off well and he virtually always ends up digging his hole even deeper in our eyes. (You would think he might have learned this after his infamous incident in which he essentially told Black people “you ain’t Black” if we didn’t support him over Donald Trump, but no.)

During a Black History Month event at the White House, Biden was trying his absolute best to execute self-deprecating humor while addressing House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

“I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid,” Biden said. “I know where the power is… you think I’m joking. I learned a long time ago about the Divine Nine,” which is a reference to Black fraternities and sororities.

Honestly, I halfway expected Biden to start randomly rapping Run-DMC lyrics while doing the geriatric Caucasian version of the Wop. I just knew it was only a matter of time before he started rattling off a list of his favorite sitcoms, which would include Good Times, 227, What’s Happening? and Sandford and Son. (Although, I just imagine he was more of an Archie Bunker…

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