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Trump’s Expected Arrest: ‘Mug Shot, Fingerprints,’ But Perp Walk Unlikely, Ex-DA Predicts

by Black America Web

The first in what could be a series of criminal indictments against Donald Trump is expected to take place as early as this week, leaving the former president bracing for his eventual arrest.

Trump himself predicted he’d be arrested on Tuesday and, in what could turn out to be fateful words, implored his supporters to “protest” and “take our nation back,” similar verbiage to that which incited the Capitol riots Jan. 6, 2021.

But if and when Trump is arrested, it may not be everything his opponents have been hoping for.

Any expectations of enjoying the optics of seeing Trump being handcuffed, pushed into a squad car and driven downtown for booking are probably delusions of grandeur, according to one former prosecutor.

The process of a traditional arrest will take place, former U.S. Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner told USA Today, but it will not happen traditionally, so to speak.

That means that it’s highly doubtful that there will be a “perp walk” of Trump walking in handcuffs so that the media can photograph and video the so-called money shot of an accused criminal being publicly shamed, Kirschner said.

“There will be no reason to cuff him and walk him into police headquarters to be booked,” Kirschner told USA Today.

However, the world will get to see a photo of Trump being booked that will live in infamy no matter how the case turns out.

“There will still be a mug shot, fingerprints and lots of paperwork filled out as part of the booking process,” Kirschner continued. “So we will see a mug shot of a former President of the United States but I do not think we’re going to see a perp walk.”

While bringing Trump to justice for any alleged crime should be paramount, society hasn’t forgotten the way Trump has repeatedly and readily criminalized Black and brown people. After all, he’s the same person who called for the death penalty for the Exonerated Five, who were all teenagers ultimately proven innocent when…

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