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Sybil Wilkes ‘What You Need To Know’ March 27th, 2023

by Black America Web

Dustin Byfuglien, the First Black
American-born Hockey Player to Win the Stanley Cup

“Uncle Duck” Donald C. Williams,
born 1931

1. Storms Out of California Wreck Havoc in the South



What You Need to Know:


As thunderstorms battered the states of Alabama and Mississippi late Friday, a tornado was reported at about 8:50 p.m. local time in the area of predominantly Black towns, Silver City and Rolling Fork, Mississippi, the National Weather Service said.


Reuters News reported, “The tornado stayed on the ground for about an hour and cut a path of destruction some 170 miles (274 km) long, according to Nicholas Price, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi.”


In Rolling Fork, a town of around 1,900 in western Mississippi that was hit the hardest, homes were reduced to rubble, tree trunks snapped like twigs, cars were tossed aside like toys and the town’s water tower lay twisted on the ground.


In Silver City, a rural community of around 300, residents described locking themselves in interior rooms and cowering inside bathtubs as the tornado swept through.


In Alabama, which was also struck by the same storm system, there was one reported fatality as rescuers pulled a man from the mud when his trailer was overturned. The man later died from his injuries, according to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. 


The National Weather Service confirmed that the Friday night tornado was a violent EF-4 after surveying the damage. The weather service reports that the EF, or Enhanced Fujita, scale assigns tornados a number from zero to five based on damage, with five being the most catastrophic. According to the Storm Prediction Center, EF-4 tornadoes make up only 1% of all tornadoes. Historically, the vast majority of twisters have been rated EF-0 or EF-1.


ABC News reported that at least two twisters touched down Sunday morning in Georgia, both described by the National Weather…

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