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Philadelphia Tap Water Safe to Drink Officials Say, Despite Chemical Spill in Delaware River

by Black America Web

On Friday night, more than 8,000 gallons of hazardous material spilled into Otter Creek in Bristol, PA near the Delaware River.  According to sources, The Philadelphia Water Department released a public statement yesterday explaining that the tap water in the city is safe to drink — for now.

“The water that is currently available to customers was treated before the spill reached Philadelphia and remains safe to drink and use for bathing, cooking, and washing,” the water department said.

In the midst of waiting for the announcement, many grocery stores throughtout Philadelphia were rummaged through for any bottle water that was left in stores.

As locals try to find bottled water throughout Philadelphia, local officials iterate that this grand search is unnecessary.  “The Philadelphia Water Department is now confident tap water from the Baxter Drinking Water Treatment Plant will remain safe to drink and use at least through 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 27, 2023. There is no need to buy water at this time. Customers can fill bottles or pitchers with tap water with no risk at this time,” said officials.

Michael Carroll, deputy managing director for Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation, explained to the city that the tap water was never contaminated and that the chemical spill was just limited a certain body of water in which intake from the city’s Baxter Drinking Water Treatment Plant were closed after the spill.

“I want to reiterate there was never any contamination in Philadelphia Water Department’s system,” Carroll said. “There was contamination in the Delaware River, but we shut off the intake to the River and we’re operating off of water that was not contaminated. When we opened the intake, we were able to verify that we brought in water that was not contaminated. So currently there is no contamination in the Philadelphia system.”

To find out if your area was affected by the spill, [CLICK HERE] to check…

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