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Northern Ireland’s First Black Mayor Isn’t Affected By Criticism From Conspiracy Theorists And Haters Alike

by Black America Web

Councilor Lilian Seenoi-Barr is set to make history as the first Black mayor in Northern Ireland, but her historic appointment has drawn criticism from local politicians and controversial conspiracy theorists like David Icke and morally and financially bankrupt Alex Jones who, in just one of his ongoing vulgar rants–the he repeated over and over that no children, no adults were actually killed at Sandy Hooks about–was ordered to pay $1.5 billion (the final settlement is currently pending).

Still, the fearless member of the Social Democratic Labour Party (SDLP), isn’t listening to the noise. 

On April 29, Seenoi-Barr, a refugee who migrated to Northern Ireland from Kenya, was selected as the new mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council.

In a recent interview with local news outlet Belfast Live, Seenoi-Barr said she was “aware” of the opposition to her historic election, particularly from online critics. Without any evidence (as usual) Alex Jones recently insinuated that the politician’s victory was manipulated by SDLP party leadership.

In an April 28 article published on his InfoWars website–notorious for disseminating horrific misinformation,–Jones alleged that party officials opted to nominate Seenoi-Barr “outright disenfranchising hundreds of party members” instead of conducting a fair election. 

“It will not affect me,” Seenoi-Barr, said of the bizarre allegation. She will begin her role as Mayor of Derry in June, she told Belfast Live, according to News Break. 

“I am genuinely not interested…” the mayor-elect shared. “I was elected by the people of Foyleside. I topped the poll for the SDLP. That was my public approval.”

Seenoi-Barr added, “I’m being stopped everywhere, with people saying congratulations, that they are delighted for us and delighted for the city. That’s what I’m going to focus on.”


Like Jones, Icke also slammed Seenoi-Barr.

David Icke, a British conspiracy…

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