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Kyle Rittenhouse Is Intentionally Evading New Lawsuit Being Served, Attorneys And Judge Say

by Black America Web

On Thursday, we reported that Gaige Grosskreutz, the one man who wasn’t killed after being shot in Kenosha by Kyle Rittenhouse, is suing his assailant along with the city of Kenosha, the former Kenosha County sheriff, Kenosha’s police chief and others. Well, apparently, all defendants have been served with the exception of Rittenhouse, who Grosskreutz’s attorneys say is ducking and dodging them like they were repo men coming for his assault rifle stash.

According to the Associated Press, Grosskreutz’s attorneys filed a request Wednesday asking U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman to extend the deadline for them to serve Rittenhouse, who they say is intentionally evading them. In fact, it appears that everyone from Rittenhouse’s mother to the attorney representing him in another lawsuit filed by the father of deceased Kenosha shooting victim Anthony Huber is claiming they have no idea where the acquitted killer is.

From the AP:

An attorney for Grosskreutz said in a legal filing Wednesday that all of the other defendants, except for Rittenhouse, have accepted and waived service of the lawsuit. Rittenhouse’s attorney in the Huber lawsuit said he was not authorized to accept service and a person believed to be Rittenhouse’s mother who answered the door at a home in Florida said “Rittenhouse had been gone for a while,” according to the filing.

Grosskreutz “is currently unaware of Mr. Rittenhouse’s current whereabouts and is concerned that Mr. Rittenhouse is attempting to evade service,” according to the filing seeking a 60-day extension to serve him.

Rittenhouse last week changed attorneys for the Huber lawsuit, going back to one of his defense attorneys from the trial, Mark Richards. Richards said Thursday that he does not represent Rittenhouse in the Grosskreutz lawsuit.

Richards also said he does not know where Rittenhouse is.

“I don’t know how to find Kyle,” Richards said. “I do not currently know where Kyle…

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