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‘Karen’ Video Shows White Woman Calling Cops On Black Men For Shoveling Snow On A Public Sidewalk

by Black America Web

In today’s episode of Nah, But Seriously, Are The Karens OK? a new video making the rounds on social media shows a white woman calling the cops on Black men for *checks notes* menacingly shoveling the snow on a public sidewalk.

So, basically, we can add “doing a public service for free while Black” to the list of things that we can’t do without arousing the suspicion, fear and anti-Black rage of white people who would sooner walk ankle-deep in the freezing snow than mind their own business when there are coloreds to harass.

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It’s hard to make out most of what the woman is saying as English is clearly not her first language, but since Karenese is a language that subverts nationalities, it’s clear that she takes issue with two Black men shoveling snow in front of her residence—and that she doesn’t actually understand how sidewalks work.


After going back and forth with the good samaritans for a while and being so petty that she actually starts shoving snow back onto the sidewalk in front of her house (it’s quite possible that she’s so racist she prefers white snow on the walkway to Black people), the woman calls the police and claimed the men had “trespassed” on her property. One of the men quipped that the cops would “come faster if you tell them two n*****rs are here.”

In fact, she did mention to 911 dispatch that two “African Americans” were on her property taking pictures of her and “making fun” of her. (Imagine being this big of a clown and then getting upset when someone laughs and calls you “Bozo.”) Fortunately, the police were as calm about things as the harassed Black men were throughout the ordeal, and they appeared to have encountered the Karen before. They said she has some mental health problems, but since Black people know this 400-year-old health crisis known as…

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