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Jason Whitlock Attacks Asian Journalist Who Was Called Ethnic Slur By White Radio Host

by Black America Web

Listen: We all know that Jason Whitlock is such a tap-dancing, shucking and jiving Uncle Ruckus prototype that even his sunken place has a sunken place, but, my God, even among Black conservatives, there just aren’t too many who feel the need to take on the role of protector of white people who use racial slurs like the former sports analyst-turned-whitey redemption commentator,

Whitlockthe same guy who immediately played Captain Save-a-Bigot in defense of Joe Rogan and his racist comments and slursrecently went out of his way to interject himself into an issue he had 100% nothing to do with after a Boston radio host came under fire for using an anti-Japanese racial slur in reference to a Korean ESPN sports commentator.

First, let’s start with the original offense that prompted Whitlock to, once again, act as the Black ambassador of unmitigated whiteness.

From the Washington Post:

Chris Curtis, an executive producer and on-air personality for WEEI, was on “The Greg Hill Show” on Tuesday when the hosts were talking about a proposal in Boston that would ban miniature bottles of alcohol, which are sometimes known as “nips.” But when Curtis was asked to rank his favorite “nips,” he took it in a much darker direction, as the term is also a slur used against people of Japanese descent.

“I’d probably go Mina Kimes,” said Curtis, referencing ESPN’s star NFL personality who is of Korean descent on her mother’s side.

Video of the incident spread online Wednesday, and ESPN denounced the radio host’s comments as “extremely offensive.”

Of course, the backlash was swift, and Curtis, who was suspended from the show behind the comment, eventually apologized and offered an excuse that, in all honesty, didn’t make him look any better.

“I attempted to bring up Mila Kunis, which was not really that funny, [it was] sophomoric and sexist, but for reasons I don’t understand, I said Mina Kimes,’’ Curtis said….

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