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Here’s 4 Ways To Support Palestinians In Gaza Aside From Posting An AI Generated Image

by Black America Web

Several social media users are showing their support for those affected in Rafah with the latest viral social media trend. While the “All Eyes on Rafah” message brings awareness to the impending issues in Gaza, there are several other ways to show support to the Palestinians effected as violence continues to escalate. Check out four ways to support Palestinians in Gaza inside.

These violent attacks started last year between Israel and Palestine. It may feel overwhelming to look at the countless deadly images online, and it may even seem pointless to try and help from the U.S. However, these senseless acts of violence reveal just how privileged we are as Americans with freedom and resources at our disposal.

Gaza now faces a humanitarian crisis that has become an increasingly terrorizing problem to innocent children each day. On Oct. 7, a Hamas-led attack on Israel killed at least 1,200 Israelis and took an estimated 200 hostages. Israel followed up by launching attacks on Gaza. After months of bombardment, Israeli attacks have killed more than 35,300 Palestinians in Gaza and displaced nearly 2 million from their homes.

More recently, Israel’s continual war on Gaza led to bombing from the north moving down, displacing countless Palestinians from their homes as they fled South to seek shelter and a new life. Unfortunately, this led to yet another violent attack on Rafah, which is where the AI-generated image with the slogan “All Eyes On Rafah” derived from.

If you are looking for more ways to support this apparent genocide than posting an AI-generated image on your Instagram story, we have compiled a list of four things to do to support Palestinians in Gaza.

Here’s 4 ways to support Palestinians in Gaza:

Call Your Congressman

You can contact your member of Congress and call for an immediate cease-fire. Take a few minutes today to call your representative.Then, send them an email.

Spread Awareness

Organize and/or participate in…

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