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Former NFL Player Joe Staysniak Arrested For Assaulting His Son And His Son’s Boyfriend

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Former NFL player Joe Staysniak has found himself in custody.

Staysniak, who once played for the Indianapolis Colts, was placed under arrest for assaulting his son and his son’s boyfriend in Indiana.

Caitlin O’Kane of CBS News reported the news, revealing that the son and boyfriend were sitting in a car when Staysniak approach the vehicle and forcibly took his son out of the car, and struck him in the face.

“A man told police he had been sitting in a car with Staysniak’s son, his boyfriend, near Staysniak’s home. He said Joe Staysniak had come up to the car, pulled him and his son out of it, and hit each of them, according to the affidavit, and said Staysniak flashed a gun, which he felt against his face during the incident. He also said Staysniak grabbed him by the hood of his jacket, strangling him,” O-Kane writes.

Staysniak admitted to police that he did have a gun in his possession and that he grabbed the boyfriend’s hood after he saw that his son was in his underwear with him. He also told the boyfriend to never come back to the property but says he never hit the boyfriend.

The affidavit says the son reported that his father displayed a firearm and told him and the boyfriend “that they’re lucky he saw who it was.”

Guy A. Relford, Staysniak’s lawyer released a statement on Facebook saying that the former NFLer was initially suspicious of a car parked near his residence after a neighbor alerted him.

“The situation arose when a neighbor contacted Joe at a late hour to report two suspicious vehicles parked in the woods near the Staysniak home and Joe went to investigate. He discovered his adult son and a friend in one of the vehicles,” Relford said. “The details of what then transpired will come out in the courtroom, but we are completely confident that Joe’s actions will be conclusively determined to be legal and justified under the circumstances.”

56-year-old Staysniak played for the Indianapolis…

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