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Florida NAACP Requests Travel Advisory To Warn Black Folks To Stay Out Of Florida Due To Anti-Woke Nonsense

by Black America Web

Apparently, Florida has finally become so racist that the state’s NAACP branch has requested a travel advisory so it can warn folks, especially Black people, that if they move to the Sunshine State, they’ll basically be moving to the headquarters of the WNAACP (White Nationalist Association for the Advancement Of Colonizer Propaganda).

10 Investigates first reported on Tuesday the Florida NAACP Florida State Conference voted unanimously over the weekend to ask its national office for approval to issue a travel advisory in wake of recent policies and legislation targeting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

One of the bill, HB 999, in its current form would ban certain courses on gender studies and race. Some in higher education contend that DEI courses are an invaluable learning tool. Should the law pass, certain majors like women’s studies and any subject surrounding critical race theory would be eliminated as well. The bill is headed to the State Senate for approval.

“We would issue this to anyone who is thinking of coming to Florida, thinking of sending their children to school — anyone planning to breathe in Florida,” Florida NAACP legislative affairs chair Marsha Ellison told 10 Investigates earlier this week. “We want people to be ‘woke.’”

Now, you already know that the very mention of the word “woke” will awaken the Devil’s gatekeeper, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, seething and foaming at the mouth while he calls on his legions of anti-woke demons (also known as the Florida Board of Education) to exorcise the woke spirits and drive them out of the valley of the white and fragile.

Or maybe DeSantis will simply dismiss the travel advisory bid as a “joke.”

“What a joke–what a joke. Yeah, we’ll see how effective that is,” he said during a news conference at Ridgeview High School in Orange Park.

“It’s a pure stunt,” he went on to say. “And fine, if you want to waste your time on a stunt, that’s…

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