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Family Of Alleged Baltimore Power Grid Conspirator Says She Has A History Of White Supremacy

by Black America Web

On Monday, we reported that the FBI announced the arrests of two apparently disgruntled white people who allegedly conspired to attack Baltimore, Maryland’s power grid in what is believed to be a “racially motivated” plot. One of the would-be domestic terrorists, Brandon Russell, of Orlando, is the founder of Atomwaffen Division, an international neo-Nazi group. Unsurprisingly, the other half of the white rage duo, Sarah Clendaniel, of Catonsville, Maryland, is somewhat of a neo-Nazi herself, according to her own family members.

From CBS Baltimore:

Sarah Beth Clendaniel, who believed her days were numbered because of serious health conditions, allegedly conspired with a Florida-based neo-Nazi leader, planning to shoot out several electrical substations around Baltimore and create chaos in the majority-Black city.

“She’s going out with a bang,” her nephew Daniel Clites told The Associated Press.

“She would have no problem saying she’s racist,” Clites said. “She wanted to bring attention to her cause.”

Clites said he disagreed with her extremist views, as did her mother, Lanette Clendaniel. They said her descent into neo-Naziism occurred against a backdrop of mental health issues and drug addiction that sometimes landed her in prison.

“I knew what she believed, and she knew what I believed,” said Lanette, who’s raising two of Clendaniel’s children. “There was nothing I could do.”

She said arguing with her daughter was useless. “But my philosophy is that we all live on this planet, so we better get along,” she added.

Clendaniel’s family members say she actually befriended a number of white supremacists over the years, including her partner in angry Caucasian crime, Russell.

At the time of her arrest, Clendaniel was already on parole from a 2016 robbery she was convicted of. In fact, just like Russell had a history of conspiring to destroy power grids, Clendaniel had her own criminal past, which,…

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