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Fact Check: Were Ancient Egyptians Black? Kevin Hart Debate Rages

by Black America Web

“It is with a heavy heart that we share with you, due to local logistical issues, the cancellation of our Kevin Hart event scheduled for February 21st, in Cairo. You have always shown us continuous support in all our events and for that we’re grateful,” R Productions, the event company behind the show shared in a statement on Facebook.

Now, some people believe the show was canceled due to outrage that recently sparked following Hart’s “Afrocentric” comment about Egyptian history. The 43-year-old star allegedly said that the ancient civilization was historically ruled by Black African royalty.

“We must teach our children the true history of Black Africans when they were kings in Egypt and not just the era of slavery that is cemented by education in America. Do you remember the time when we were kings?” Hart allegedly stated, according to the outlet.

Shortly after the news went viral, Egyptians flooded Twitter and Facebook with negative comments about Kevin Hart’s statement. This TikTok user explains it well.

Several Black American users rushed in to defend Hart’s stance, like California-based musician 3RDegree who wrote:

“So Egypt cancels @KevinHart4real comedy show because he stated the 1st Egyptian Kings and Queens were Black… where was the lie? Egypt is literally in Africa where civilization started… #KevinHart #Egypt.”

The discourse is still spilling across social media, but the debate does beg us to explore the question. Were ancient Egyptians really Black? Let’s take a brief look into history to find out the answer.

Where did the ancient Egyptians come from?

The ancient Egyptians were a diverse group of people who lived in the Nile River valley in what is now modern-day Egypt. While the ancient Egyptians did not identify themselves by race, they depicted themselves in art and literature with a range of skin tones, including dark brown and black.

Over the years, science has been able to make radical discoveries…

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