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Defense Lawyers Say Accused Murderers Didn’t Cause Irvo Otieno’s Death. Family, Civil Attorneys Aren’t Buying It

by Black America Web

Now that video footage has been released that shows as many as 10 deputies and hospital staffers at Virginia’s Central State Hospital piling on top of a shackled Irvo Otieno allegedly causing his death, defense attorneys are scrambling to argue that their clients, who are charged with second-degree murder, weren’t responsible because their participation in the incident was minimal.

From the Associated Press:

During bond hearings and through statements, lawyers sought to distinguish their clients from the mass of bodies involved in holding Otieno to the floor for over 10 minutes.

One said in court that his client only worked to secure leg irons on Otieno, while another said his client put his body weight on the man for just a short period of time and then tried to position Otieno on his side so he would not have trouble breathing.

Some defense attorneys also said their clients were only trying to restrain Otieno and there was no evidence of an intent to kill the 28-year-old Black man as deputies sought to have him admitted to Central State Hospital on March 6.

“At no time did he realize that Mr. Otieno … was in any danger whatsoever,” said attorney Caleb Kershner, who represents one of the seven Henrico County deputies who have been charged, along with three hospital employees.

Suffice it to say, Otieno’s family members and their attorneys aren’t buying it. Otieno didn’t just die out of nowhere, after all, so it’s going to be a hard sell if you want people to believe anyone involved had no idea the victim “was in any danger whatsoever.”

In fact, attorney Mark Krudys, one of the lawyers representing the family, reportedly quoted defense attorneys during a Tuesday press conference, He said they literally described Otieno as being in obvious need of medical attention.

“Despite that, they piled on him,” Krudys said. “Ten individuals.”

Krudys and civil attorney Ben Crump both argued the defense team was making…

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