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Conservatives Cry The Saltiest White Tears Over ‘Black National Anthem’ Being Sung At Super Bowl

by Black America Web

Predictably, conservatives were unhappy about “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” aka the “Black National Anthem” being sung by Abbott Elementary star Sheryl Lee Ralph during opening performances at Super Bowl LVII.

Even during Black History Month, right-wingers—you know, the people who call everyone “snowflakes” for believing that bigotry is bigoted and for being offended by blatantly offensive things—can’t seem to take a break from upholding white nationalism every time a Black cultural thing is celebrated publicly.

Hell, we couldn’t even get a full two days into the month of February without “White History Month” trending on Twitter because delusional Caucasians are so used to living in a country where whiteness is the default that any deviation of said default feels like oppression. They call it “divisive” because traditionally white things are for everyone once they’ve declared them so, and that means every other culture, ethnicity and race needs to give up their own traditions and celebrations to shield fragile white people from their own racial discomfort.

It doesn’t matter to these people that, for the most part, Black folks just don’t feel the same passionate connection to the “Star-Spangled Banner” that they do. Conversely, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” has been a staple in Black churches and predominately Black schools since hallelujah.

And yet, in the minds of default-racist white people, the “division” comes in the form of the inclusion of non-white things that are culturally relevant to others, not in the exclusion of those culturally relevant things in favor of the force-feeding of white American traditions on everyone.

Anyway, here’s former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake sitting down during the Black National Anthem, which was either a display of her contempt for Ralph’s performance, or her attempt at disproving the rumor that she’s actually a closeted

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