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Bible-Thumping Republican Defends Voting No On Bill Banning Corporal Punishment On Disabled Students

by Black America Web

Every time I begin to think that Republican conservatives couldn’t possibly sink any lower, they manage to surprise me. I mean, between their “stop the steal” propaganda, their white and fragile war on critical race theory and “wokeness,” their love for blaming Democrats for slavery and the KKK while also being fierce protectors of Confederate monuments and white nationalism, and their anti-diversity and inclusion bigotry, I just felt like I couldn’t have a lower opinion of these people.

Then they started actively making arguments FOR beating disabled children.

To be fair, it was Republican lawmaker Rep. John Talley of Stillwater, Oklahoma, who authored House Bill 1028, which would prohibit corporal punishment in schools for students with disabilities. According to Fox 25, Oklahoma is one of 19 states in America that still allows corporal punishment in schools because conservatives hold on to archaic and abusive “traditions” just like they hold onto the flags and monuments that celebrate said “traditions.”

“For the most part it means that you bend over and someone uses a board to hit you on the behind,” Talley said while recalling his own experience with physically abusive “educators.”

“It can really hurt because I had it used on me when I was a kid,” he added.

But Talley’s bill wouldn’t even have applied to all children as it should have. It only pertained to students with disabilities and even THAT wasn’t a no-brainer for the party of no brains.

Meet Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Olsen. (Not to be confused with Joel Osteen although he’s pretty much a more evil version of Osteen with legislative power.)

Olsen is one of 43 Oklahoma House Republicans who voted no on prohibiting school faculty from inflicting violence on children with disabilities. And to justify his position, he resorted to bible verses that have no place in government even if Olsen presented them with any real context, which he…

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