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Autopsy Report Suggests Rasheem Carter Was Lynched, But Mississippi Cops Say No ‘Foul Play’

by Black America Web

A newly released autopsy report for a Black father whose remains were found after going missing in Mississippi last year is fueling speculation that he was the fatal victim of a lynching in a case that is being compared to Emmett Till.

Rasheem Carter‘s family claims he had been targeted prior to going missing last October, but the local police still quickly decided that “no foul play” was involved. The autopsy results as reported by WJTV suggest otherwise.

On Nov. 2, Carter’s skeletal remains were found decapitated with evidence of other significant injuries, according to civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who announced the autopsy findings during a press conference on Monday in the capital city of Jackson. Prior to Monday’s announcement, little was known about the condition in which Carter’s body was found.

“His head was severed from his body,” Crump said Monday. “His vertebrae, his spinal cord was in another spot they discovered away from his severed head.”

Crump also described Carter’s death as “a Mississippi lynching in 2022.”

Co-counsel Carlos Moore said the “horrific” death was reminiscent of a landmark case credited with sparking the civil rights movement decades ago.

“I’ve been a Mississippian all 46 years of my life, and I have never heard of a crime this horrific in my life,” Moore said at the press conference. “I was not living during the time of Emmett Till. I heard about that, and read about it in the history books, but I thought we had progressed in Mississippi.”

Carter was last seen outside of a Super 8 Hotel on Oct. 2 in Laurel, about 30 minutes outside of Taylorsville, where the 25-year-old had been contracted to work. According to reports, his remains were found on private property in a wooded area in Taylorsville. Carter’s family says he was threatened and stalked by white men in the area before he disappeared.

According to the family, the day before Carter’s disappearance he went…

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