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Anti-DEI Bill Would ‘Prohibit’ Black Fraternities And Sororities In Florida, Lawmaker Worries

by Black America Web

At some point, white conservatives need to admit that their war against diversity, equity and inclusion is bigoted as hell. Perhaps they just need to say out loud to themselves: “I’m not racist, I’m just against entities making an effort to be racially diverse, equity being granted to all races and non-white people being purposefully included in things.” Maybe then they would hear how ridiculous they sound.

But probably not. And definitely not in Florida.

Recently, a Republican legislator from the Sunshine (on white supremacy) State proposed HB 999, which, according to WPTV, “aims to restrict the programs and activities that Florida universities and colleges can promote or support.”

Now, any bill like this coming from Florida is going to raise alarm since its governor, Ron DeSantis, and members of its board of education have made it clear that when it comes to the way education in the state is regulated, the name of the game is keeping straight, cisgender white people as comfortable as possible at the expense of everyone else. But there’s a specific excerpt in this particular bill that has raised red flags that might as well come with Confederate symbols on them.

WPTV noted that line 341 of the bill “aims to prohibit universities or colleges from using any funds to promote, support, maintain, any programs or campus activities that support or adopt diversity, equity and inclusion.” Imagine writing a law that specifically says that if any campus organization makes it a point to be demographically diverse, equitable and inclusionary, that organization can’t get any of our old white money—because that would be divisive.

Anyway, the Republican who sponsored the bill claims it won’t affect Black fraternities and sororities, but one Black legislator who opposes the bill is not buying it.

From WPTV:

“What campus activities are you attempting to regulate?” state Rep. Yvonne Hinson, D-Gainesville, asked during a recent…

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