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theGrio Style Guide: Tems and Ciara on Oscars backlash, Law Roach speaks out

by The Grio

The 95th Annual Academy Awards were last Sunday, and we’re still talking about the night’s red carpet looks — in particular, those worn by singers Tems and Ciara. 

Both singers have received backlash over the striking looks they chose. Tems has divided the internet all week over the dramatic and otherworldly sculpted white tulle gown with a massive structured hood she wore to the Oscars ceremony. Meanwhile, Ciara has been catching flack for the sheer slinky and revealing metal mesh gown she wore over a black thong to the Vanity Fair After Party. 

Some found Tems’ gown, which obstructed the view of those seated both behind her and next to her during the ceremony, a statement on taking up space as a Black woman in a white-dominated space. Others found the look to be a faux pas that was distracting at best and rude at worst. Tems took the cheeky route in addressing the faux pas, simply posting “oops” on social media in response to all of the noise.

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Ciara’s “naked” dress, which she wore phenomenally alongside her husband, Russell Wilson, was deemed by many as too revealing. However, one camp has defended her choice, pointing to the fact that her husband was clearly unbothered. In a TikTok video addressing the chatter, Ciara, covered from the neck down in a bed sheet and black sunglasses, joked that she would be rolling up to the Vanity Fair party fully shrouded next year. She also noted that considering how many stars donned revealing and sultry dresses for the big night, the specific scrutiny placed on her was an example of “selective outrage.” 

Regardless of how anyone feels, both ladies have seemingly chosen to own the glamorous and buzzworthy moments, a move we can’t help but respect. 

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