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The most important core muscles are the ones you can’t see. Here’s how to strengthen them

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If your goal is to strengthen and tone your midsection, you likely focus on exercises like crunches and situps that work the superficial core muscles like the rectus abdominis (or the “six-pack abs”) and the external obliques.

But the most important core muscles are actually those you can’t see with the naked eye. The deep core muscles are responsible for balance and posture, reducing back pain and maintaining core strength.

Here’s what you need to know about your deep core muscles — and exercises to target and stengthen them.

What are the deep core muscles?

Deep core exercises work by targeting the muscles that provide support and stability to your spine and pelvis. These muscles include:

  • Transversus abdominis: the innermost layer of the abdominals
  • Multifidus: the muscle that runs along the spine
  • Pelvic floor muscles: a group of muscles that help support the spine and play a role in bladder control
  • Diaphragm: a muscle that sits below the lungs and helps you breathe in and out

By strengthening these muscles, you are also helping to reduce the strain on your back. This can lead to improved posture, reduced discomfort and increased mobility.

Tips for working your deep core muscles

  • Find them first: One mistake people make is relying too much on the superficial muscles, like the rectus abdominis, instead of engaging the deep core muscles. To locate the deep core muscles, “draw in” by pulling your belly button to your spine or pretending you’re zipping up into a pair of tight pants. You should feel those deep core muscles turn on.
  • Breathe: It’s easy to hold your breathe when performing deep core exercises, after all, it takes a lot of focus! But the muscles need oxygen like the lungs do, and holding your breath can cut off that supply and devalue the exercises.
  • Slow down: Working the deep core muscles isn’t about the number of…

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