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Michelle Yeoh, 61, on the importance of working out every day

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Michelle Yeoh just keeps getting better with age. After several decades in Hollywood, the 61-year-old has showcased her acting skills and she’s also built a reputation as a master of martial arts.

Yeoh showed off those skills while starring in the 2022 hit “Everything Everywhere All at Once” and even won an Oscar for her performance. But her performance in the film almost didn’t happen.

In 2023, Yeoh told the Los Angeles Times she felt pressure to retire before she earned the role. Thankfully, her decades of martial arts experience proved to be a huge asset for the film.

“Michelle’s age and background in martial arts were not hindrances but rather assets to our work together,” D.Y. Sao, actor and martial artist, who worked with Yeoh in the movie, told GQ. “Michelle has more energy and stamina than people half her age, and I have worked with martial artists for three decades.”

Yeoh stays mentally and physically fit using a variety of methods, and she’s spoken at length about several of them. Eager to learn her secrets? Ahead, discover everything she’s shared.

She never lost her love for sport

As a child, Yeoh ran, swam and did springboard diving, she told Olympics.com in 2023. “I actually was the junior champion of Malaysia in squash. So I was exposed to all forms of sports. I learnt at a very young age what it means to be sporting because it teaches you discipline and good behavior.”

She also pursued ballet in her youth, calling dance her “first love” in a January 2024 interview with the Washington Post.

“As a little child, that was all I wanted to do was dance, whether it was ballet, but just in the world of dance, and that was what I went on to pursue in England as well,” she said.

Yeoh suffered a back injury at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, per Time, forcing her to pivot career directions, but she still benefited from her time as a dancer.

“Having that kind of discipline, that kind of training, I think, stays with you for the rest of your…

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