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Looking for remote work but aren’t getting any hits? Your competitive edge may be in the office

by The Grio

If presented with the option, most of us want to work from home, according to a survey from Mckinsey & Company. We can stay undressed from the hips down, nap without anyone knowing, and clock out the exact minute we’re “off.” Why wouldn’t we want that? At least sometimes, right? There’s no debate; American work life has shifted quite dramatically since 2020. But for those of you who are in the job market, looking for new opportunities, solely focusing on remote work may put you at a disadvantage. Being open to working in the office will give you a competitive edge, especially in an over-saturated market, according to Relay Resumes and Career Services founder vbc DaNeisha Goode. 

“What I’ve noticed, especially from the recruiter seat, is that when the position is remote, specifically when it says “United States” and when it says “United States,” it’s remote in real life because there’s no city attached to it; you can work from anywhere. But that also means that that job is going to get 1,000, 2,000 resumes, at least 200 within an hour or so. That means there’s a larger pool to pull from because it’s the entire United States,” said Goode. 

With commercial leases still at play and huge office buildings sitting empty, Goode says companies are looking for people who are willing and enthusiastic about coming into the office. For the unemployed or people plotting a career transition soon, your opportunity may come faster if you set yourself apart and start applying to jobs that require you to come in. 

“Some of those same positions that are in-office or onsite — or say, hybrid don’t have nearly as many applicants. So being flexible is really important,” said Goode. 

Goode isn’t making any big predictions about remote work and its longevity, but she is agreeing with the experts who say hybrid work is here for good. Black employees were 14 percent more…

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