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Isabella Strahan supports LSU football player Greg Brooks Jr. as they both battle same rare form of cancer

by The Grio

Isabella Strahan is lending her support to Louisiana State University football player Greg Brooks Jr. as they both fight brain tumors.

Strahan, the 19-year-old USC student and model, has been sharing her health journey on a YouTube series she started in October 2023 after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a large medulloblastoma in her cerebellum. 

According to People, Tuesday’s installment shows young Strahan preparing for treatment at the Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center in Durham, North Carolina, with her famous father, Michael Strahan, and twin sister Sophia by her side.

“We’re at Duke now, and guess what we’re doing: We’re icing my feet and my hands,” she shared before her twin takes the camera and films.

“This is what the world wants to see!” Sophia jokes.

Strahan then records the moment she closes her eyes and clutches a stress ball as the nurse accesses the chemo port in her upper abdomen and inserts a needle. The gadget was surgically implanted and connected to a vein in her upper chest area for healthcare providers to draw blood and give treatments. 

“It doesn’t hurt at all!” she says. “Everything feels nice.”

After getting hooked up and starting what turned out to be a successful second round of chemo, Strahan pointed out that she and her family were wearing “Pray for Greg Brooks” sweatshirts.

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Like her, Brooks received a medulloblastoma diagnosis and had emergency surgery in September 2023 to remove a brain tumor situated between his cerebellum and brain stem. 

Strahan shared that Brooks’ grandmother connected them, and the two are now supporting each other through their respective chemotherapy journeys for the same rare diagnosis.

Describing Brooks as inspiring, she shared that they’re on the same treatment schedule — with both just finishing their second chemo cycles — and keep in touch…

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