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What is 75 Hard? The ‘mental toughness’ program is delivering drastic results — but is it safe?

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There’s no shortage of challenges on social media. Many of them test mental toughness, dedication and stamina, and the ever popular 75 Hard challenge is no exception.

The #75HardChallenge hashtag has more than 1 billion views on the platform, and the videos showcase drastic results. Some are physical — with before-and-after photos showing significant weight loss and muscle growth — but many also document a mental and emotional transformation.

After completing the 75-day program, TikToker Madison Jan said, “I fell in love with myself and my life again,” in a video that racked up 2.8 million likes.

So, what exactly is this program? Ahead, discover the 75 Hard challenge rules and whether it’s safe for you.

Who created 75 Hard?

The 75 Hard challenge was started by Andy Frisella in 2019.

According to Frisella, the program is not a diet nor fitness plan. He calls it a “mental toughness” program, like “an Ironman for your brain.”

Explaining on his website why he created 75 Hard, Frisella wrote, “I don’t care how good looking you are, how much your mom loves you, or how good your GPA is; at some point, life will kick your a–, and put you in a choke hold. Only mental toughness will save you.”

“That’s why I created 75 HARD, a free program that will build that mental strength and discipline within you.”

What is 75 Hard?

Frisella says his plan is less about building muscle and losing weight and more about exercising skills like determination, self-esteem, confidence and discipline. 75 Hard, though, seems to be as intense for your body as it is for your brain — given all the photos of 75 Hard devotees with chiseled abs.

Over 1 million people from all over the world have completed 75 Hard, according to Frisella’s website.

“It’s gaining a lot of momentum and a lot of steam, and the reason is that it works,” Frisella said in a 2020 episode of his podcast, in which he outlines the six 75 Hard challenge rules.

Frisella started the program after…

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