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Kyle Richards on the events that motivated her weight loss journey and diet

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Many celebrities have been jumping on the Ozempic train to jumpstart their fitness journeys, but Kyle Richards prefers to avoid quick fixes.

Still, many of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s followers couldn’t help but wonder if she’d turned to weight-loss pills when she showed off a slimmer figure in 2023.

“Sometimes I turn my cheek the other way and ignore it, but I work really hard and it really bothers me, and I would like to be able to be an inspiration to people,” Richards told Extra in 2023 while denying rumors that she had taken Ozempic. “So don’t think I took the easy way out. Like, follow what I’m doing and you’ll see changes.”

After undergoing breast reduction surgery in 2022, Richards had to press pause on her workout routine for eight weeks. Following a European vacation full of indulgence, the star found herself a bit heavier than normal.

“By the end of the trip, I didn’t recognize myself. I had also just lost my best friend to suicide, and I wasn’t taking care of myself. And (it was) making me feel more depressed,” she told US Weekly in 2023.

Richards then decided to up her workout game and transform her body. Wondering how she did it? Here’s everything she’s shared about her fitness routine and diet.

She cut sugar and carbs from her diet

After returning from her European vacation in 2022, Richards recommitted to eating a healthier diet.

“So after we left, I said, ‘That’s it. I’m not going to have bad carbs — no sugar, no pasta, no bread, no alcohol. And I’m going to work out every single day,'” she told US Weekly.

After weighing in around 132 pounds after her vacation, the star said she was down to 117 pounds in December 2023.

She works out for her mental health

Like many people, Richards used to see exercise as a means to an end and a way “to lose weight.” Things have changed, however.

“Now it’s for me — first and foremost, my mental health. The fact that it makes me look good is just a bonus,” she…

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