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Does It Work For Weight Loss? Pros and Cons

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These days, it seems like TikTok is all about trying to sell you stuff that can make you slimmer and more attractive. As a health journalist, I’m generally skeptical about the diet and fitness products I encounter online, but when I saw account after account extolling mini steppers of various brands — cost effective, easy to do while watching TV and actually a good workout! — I decided to try it.

I’m lucky to have access to a gym in my building, and I enjoy running outside, as well as using my Peloton. So, I was mostly wondering if a mini stepper lurking in the corner of my living room would help me squeeze more movement into my evenings and weekends when I’d otherwise be catching up on “Vanderpump Rules.” The short answer is yes, it absolutely did, though I don’t think the mini stepper is a good fit for everyone.

Here’s what to know before buying your own.

What is a mini stepper?

Mini steppers are small workout machines that are conceptually similar to a StairMaster. You stand on the machine and move the pedals up and down, simulating climbing stairs. With some mini steppers, you can change the difficulty level by increasing the resistance of the steps or range of the pedals.

Mini steppers re-create the motion of climbing up stairs, so you can definitely work up a sweat using one.Tyler Essary / TODAY

Some steppers also have resistance bands so you can incorporate an arm workout. But for those that don’t, using a pair of handheld weights while you step should be quite effective, too.

The mini stepper I used for this review is made by Sunny Health & Fitness. It comes with resistance bands and a twistable knob to make stepping more difficult. By tightening the knob, you increase the angle of the pedals so it’s more strenuous to push them down.

The Sunny stepper also has a digital face that tracks the number of steps, calories…

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