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6 Asian American dietitians share their favorite healthy foods from their cultures

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Asian Americans make up about 7% of the U.S. population and run some of the most popular restaurants in the country, but stereotypes still abound about food from this part of the world.

For example, claims that MSG, a common seasoning in Asian food, is bad for you have been debunked. And white rice can absolutely be eaten every day a part of a healthy diet.

In honor of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage month, TODAY.com asked Asian American dietitians from a range of cultures to share their favorite, healthy comfort food.

Read on to learn about the significance of the dishes they chose and their healthy tips for preparing them.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Preparing Vietnamese spring rolls can be a fun group activity.Getty Images

“My favorite healthy Vietnamese food is fresh spring rolls made with brown rice wrappers,” Trung Vo, registered dietitian who works in clinical nutrition in California, tells TODAY.com.

Preparing spring rolls at home can be a communal activity that gathers friends and family, he explains.

“It was how I was taught growing up, and by doing so, these shared experiences I have with my family helped preserve my culture’s culinary traditions to be passed on from generation to generation,” he adds. “It is also easy to assemble.”

He enjoys making it at home because “I can control the portion of ingredients and number of rolls made.”

“It’s normally filled with a variety of vegetables, protein of choice and vermicelli noodles,” he says.

He enjoys the simple flavors of the dish with a traditional hoisin or peanut dipping sauce. 

It’s typically served as an appetizer, often featured on menus in Vietnamese and Asian fusion restaurants.

“I have always been proud of my culture because Vietnamese food is loved by other cultures and communities for its bold flavors and fresh ingredients,” he notes.

Garlic and ginger baby bok choy

Garlic Ginger Baby Bok Choy.
Baby bok choy has plenty of health benefits.Courtesy Jamie Mok

“One of my favorite…

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