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An expert says this one simple shoulder stretch is an “essential addition to your routine”—here’s what happened when I did it every day for two weeks

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Shoulder pain is rubbish. In recent months it’s forced me to avoid certain exercises in the gym, caused daily discomfort and even vetoed certain sleeping positions. 

I’ve tried a string of strengthening exercises and stretches to combat this, and found a few favorites which deliver the desired results. In the stretching camp, my standout performer has been the kneeling thoracic extension, demonstrated above. 

I found this stretch so effective that I challenged myself to do it every day for a fortnight—and the results were impressive.

How to do the kneeling thoracic extension stretch

  • Assume a high kneeling position opposite a chair, couch or other sturdy knee-height surface. 
  • Keeping your back flat, hinge at the hips to bend over and rest your elbows, shoulder-width apart, on the edge of the surface. Make sure you leave enough room to drop your head and chest between your upper arms.
  • Bend your elbows to move your hands towards the back of your shoulders, then clasp your hands together or grip a long object like a broom handle. 
  • Slowly alternate between pressing your chest towards the ground and relaxing, letting it rise back up slightly.
  • Continue this for 90 to 120 seconds. 

My routine

Sports and injury therapist and Lincs Injury Clinic founder Emma Burgon-Kisby recommends doing this move daily (“if not twice daily”) for a minimum of 14 days to feel the benefits. So that’s exactly what I did. 

Sometimes I did it while warming up at the gym, other times I did it while watching TV in the evening, and there were occasions where I did it at my desk, but I always got it done at least once per day. 

“For maximum benefits, the thoracic extension stretch should be held for 90-120 seconds, and you should be deepening the stretch gradually with every three to five breaths,” Burgon-Kisby adds.  

My results

I did this challenge so I could get back on track with my CrossFit training. The twinging pain in the front of my shoulder was at its worst during hanging gymnastic…

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