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A trainer reveals the “one exercise you’re not doing to improve your core strength”

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Core training can feel monotonous if you keep falling back on the same few moves; planks, sit-ups, crunches, you get the picture. 

These might be the best-known core strengthening exercises, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only options. 

If you’re looking to broaden your core training horizons, Sweat app trainer Cass Olholm has shared “one exercise you’re not doing to improve your core strength”: the single-arm kettlebell front rack squat.  

How to do the single-arm kettlebell front rack squat

  • Stand upright with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart. 
  • Hold a kettlebell in your right hand in a front rack position. To do this, lift the kettlebell up to your shoulder. Raise your right elbow out to your side so the handle is in your right hand and the bell is resting outside it on your upper arm. 
  • Keeping your chest up and your back straight, push your hips back to initiate the squatting movement. 
  • Bend your knees to lower your torso as far as you can while keeping your chest up, then drive through your feet to return to the starting position. 

Why is the single-arm kettlebell front rack squat an effective core exercise

This looks like a leg exercise at first glance. After all, it’s your lower-body joints doing the moving, with the muscles in your thighs and backside largely responsible for powering you back up to a standing position. 

But the key to successful core training can often be in what isn’t moving. You see, your core is a group of mid-body muscles reaching from the front of your hips up to your diaphragm. And one of its most important roles is maintaining your posture and positioning by stabilizing your spine.

During this exercise, you’re supporting an extra weight positioned away from your body’s center of mass, with the kettlebell held both in front of you and off to one side. This is constantly pulling you off balance, particularly while performing a challenging move like a squat, so your core muscles have to work hard to keep you…

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