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Why Was Michael Cera Signing Bottles of CeraVe at a Pharmacy in Brooklyn? 

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UPDATE: 1/29/4:00 p.m. ET

CeraVe is “setting the record straight” on that Michael Cera debacle from last week, making it clear that the actor has no involvement with the brand despite fan speculation.

“CeraVe is, and always has been, developed with dermatologists. We reiterate this as we’ve heard rumors surrounding Michael Cera’s involvement here at CeraVe, and we deny such claims,” the brand shared in an Instagram statement on Monday, January 29. “We are flattered to share Mr. Cera’s passion for moisturizer, and wish him well.”

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What is going on with Michael Cera and CeraVe?

The 35-year-old actor recently sparked confusion after he was spotted carrying two bags filled with CeraVe products while out and about in New York City. “Why is Michael Cera carrying that much lotion?” read a Monday, January 22, post shared via X with pics of the Cera sighting. 

That same day, NY-based influencer Haley Kalil spotted Cera signing his name on numerous CeraVe items at a pharmacy in Brooklyn. In a video shared via Instagram, Kalil panned the camera to show Cera, who awkwardly noticed her filming. “It’s lovely cream here,” Cera said before leaving the drugstore. Kalil then zoomed in on the products, revealing that Cera had also plastered the cleansers and moisturizers with stickers of his face. 

“IS THIS REAL?” one social media user wrote in Kalil’s comments section as another asked, “What is he doing though? I’m so confused.” 

While Kalil did not provide a further explanation, she is a CeraVe partner and noted that the post is an “ad,” which may hint that the brand has tapped Cera to promote the line considering his last name is featured in the brand’s own moniker. 

Cera further sparked collaboration rumors on the Thursday, January…

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