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The Best Hair Growth Products for Men

by UNN Feed

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Reviewed by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD

It’s time to say no more. No more thinning, balding pates or wispy toupees everyone knows aren’t your natural hair. Gents, it’s time to reclaim what’s rightfully yours—your thick, strong locks that you had in boyhood.

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried it all, from serums to foams to potions to witchy elixirs. However not all products are created equal. That’s where we come in.

With a team of hair care experts and a little bit of elbow grease—aka copious amounts of research—we’ve identified the best hair growth products for men.

When we say “the best,” we don’t mean it in the sense of when your dear old granny tells you, “Oh darling, this painting is the best,” and it’s actually a stick figure drawing you drew at the age of five.

Nay, nay, gentlemen. When we say the best, we mean, genuinely and truly, the products that give you the best chances of thickening your hair and regaining inches of hair follicles on your scalp.

You don’t have to settle for second best. Here are the best hair growth products for men.

1. Blu Atlas Hair & Body Oil

Get thicker, fuller hair with Blu Atlas Hair & Body Oil, the best hair growth product for men.

Wake up, apply Hair & Body Oil, and repeat. Men who want full, thick, and absolutely glorious hair keep coming back to Blu Atlas for its hair growth products. Maybe it’s because Blu Atlas is a hair- and body-safe brand that walks the walk and talks the talk.

The brand formulates clean, premium products that undergo stringent testing and research. Hair & Body Oil is filled to the brim with rich oils and nutrients that deliver extreme happiness to your strands.

In the hair growth…

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