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‘RHONY’ star Erin Lichy’s fashion and beauty favorites are surprisingly affordable

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When it comes to the prime real estate in her closet, Erin Lichy is picky.

With “RHONY” filming underway, the realtor-turned-Bravo star tells Style that many of her sartorial staples are “high quality yet inexpensive,” as designer labels do “not always mean it’s the most fashionable.”

It’s a fashion philosophy she’s carried into shooting Season 15 of the Big Apple-based show, opting to source certain looks from her own closet instead of buying new ones.

“For [my first season] I did shop a bit more, but now I’m really leaning into my own personal style and trusting the way I put outfits together from my existing closet,” she says. “I’m excited for viewers to see my true sense of style this season.”

The born-and-raised New Yorker’s also getting camera-ready with advice from co-stars like model Ubah Hassan, who she tells us “has been trying to convince me to rub a banana peel all over my face as a beauty hack.”

“It turns out she was right, because just this week I saw a bunch of articles saying it actually works with smoothing and brightening the skin,” she adds.

Below, Lichy shares some of the fashion and beauty essentials she’s going bananas over these days — few of which will cost you much more than a trip to the grocery store.

“I’ve been obsessed with this blush serum lately. I grabbed it in the shade Striking Rose at my drugstore, and it’s the perfect rosy color that makes me look like I laid out in the sun for 10 minutes too long.”

“I’m pretty picky when it comes to lip balms, but this one really does the trick whenever my lips are chapped. It’s super hydrating and leaves my lips looking glossy.”

“Fashionable parachute pants are my go-to on days where I’m on the go or out with my kids. I’ve been obsessed with…

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