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Queen Latifah Wears the Most Comfortable and Stylish Naturalizer Pumps

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I always wonder how celebrities are able to traipse around in neck-breaking high heels all the time. As a former pageant girl, I know that consistently wearing heels never gets easier, yet some of our favorite celebs (I’m looking at you, Lady Gaga) make it look so simple. Turns out, most stars just put up with the pain, but one actress in particular has cracked the code when it comes to finding comfortable heels: Queen Latifah.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Queen Latifah took the stage in what may be the world’s most comfortable heels ever made: the Naturalizer Astrid Pumps. It’s kind of hard to believe that the design, which features almost a four-inch stiletto and notoriously uncomfortable pointed toes, could be a breeze to walk in. However, the brand has made it a mission to create cloud-like high heels, and it all comes down to the technical design.

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The secret lies in in the construction of the shoe itself. Naturalizer has been perfecting its design process for almost 100 years, taking into account the natural contours of women’s feet to come out with stilettos that won’t leave your soles achey. When it comes to the Astrid Pumps, your weight is evenly distributed across the bottom of your foot rather than completely on the ball. Of course, the weight distribution alone won’t prevent pains, so the silhouette is reinforced with Contour+ Comfort Technology to envelop your feet in a memory foam-like cushion.

Looking beyond the comfort aspect, the T-strap and pointed toe give the pumps a timeless vibe. One of the great things about T-strap shoes is that the simple addition not only looks sleek, it also makes your foot stay secure so you won’t be…

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