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I Can’t Stop Wearing This Ridiculously Comfortable Romper Dress

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Rompers are one of the greatest inventions of, like, ever. If you’ve ever needed to find a quick and easy outfit that makes you look good, feel good, and keeps you comfortable, then you know all about why anyone would sing their praises. I found a particularly great one on Amazon when browsing for the perfect vacation outfit, and I found it in this gorgeous romper dress that no one would know is actually hiding a pair of shorts.

The Exlura Summer Romper Dress is just $45, and it looks like a simple dress with spaghetti straps, but it’s much more than that. I absolutely love that it looks like an off-the-shoulder dress, but the fact of the matter is, it’s all an illusion! I love this dress because it’s secret coverage in the form of a dress I can slide off and on like a top and pair of pants.

Get Exlura Summer Romper Dress for just $45 at Amazon!

It’s crafted from super light and airy fabric, so it’s more than breathable, even in the ridiculous summer heat. It has a ruffled hem, flare fit, and double layers to make it look like a nice, fancy dress. Its shorts beneath are comfortable and loose as well, and you can adjust the straps if need be. Most importantly, it passes the chafing test if you have thicker thighs because you’re covered when you walk! You can even choose between a variety of different colors.

Get Exlura Summer Romper Dress for just $45 at Amazon!

I’ve found myself reaching for this dress in a number of colors since bringing it home, and I wear it just about everywhere I go. It’s now my go-to look for the summer, and I surmise it might become yours soon, too.

Get Exlura Summer Romper Dress for just $45 at Amazon!

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