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From the Runway to the Freeway! The Trends to Spot at Fashion’s Biggest Night: Simplified

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Fashion’s Biggest Night is quickly approaching and to celebrate, Us is predicting this year’s hottest red-carpet trends, simplified, so you can bring the elegance of the evening to your own closet. Whether you’re doing a total spring style overhaul or adding just a few key pieces, it’s simple to make these celeb-inspired looks your own — just like Private Seller Exchange simplifies your private-party car buying experience. 

Trend #1: Sculptural

We saw this a lot at the awards shows this past season and it’s only going to continue into spring and summer. This means the high shoulders, voluminous sleeves, something avant-garde to make you stand out from the crowd. Like a classic vintage car this clothing feels more like artwork. To make this trend accessible, start small by topping trim-cut trousers with a one-shoulder blouse, or add a piece of architectural-style jewelry. 

Trend #2: Metallics

This is one trend we’re 100 percent behind! We mean the metallics. Golds and silvers aren’t just for winter, this trend is sticking around all year long. If you don’t want to do it on the clothes, do it on the lip, or use a highlighter with a metallic finish. There’s a reason we see so many silver cars on the road. It looks great on everyone and it’s fun!

Trend #3: Florals (with a Focus on Roses!)

These were all over the spring runways and we’re going to see this all over the summer red carpet too! If you’re a bit intimidated by the haute couture trends, there are different ways you can do it. You can simply do a hair accessory, a purse with a rose on it, or add a rose brooch to a blazer. It instantly turns up any outfit so be ready for compliments.

Trend #4: Primary Colors

This next one is easy to pull off: primary colors. High-end designers brought this to their runways for spring in monochromatic styles. The same thing is happening in car trends. From the runway to the freeway, we’re seeing bright,…

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