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Adele pokes fun at her too-small Spanx on stage at Las Vegas concert

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Adele isn’t above suffering for the sake of fashion.

While performing at her Las Vegas residency recently, the singer, 36, got candid about her undergarments and revealed to the audience that shapewear brand Spanx was discontinuing her favorite style, sending her down a spiral of trying to track down remaining products.

“I’ve been wearing them since I was about 16, so I trust them,” she told the crowd, adding that her go-to pick is “not sexy” but allows her to “feel safe in all dresses.”

“I know that my lumps and bumps that I love…are contained,” she said.

However, once the hitmaker realized they were no longer making her specific design and that everyone she knew was “panic buying whatever is left at the stores,” she was able to get Spanx to send her whatever they had left — except the pieces ended up being the wrong size.

“I had to go and put these Spanx on, but they’re a size small,” Adele could be heard saying on stage in a TikTok video posted by a fan.

“It was like pumping sausage meat,” she joked. “It was so stressful and I was contemplating maybe I don’t go on in a pair of Spanx tonight, but I was like ‘Oh no, that’s too risky.’”

Ultimately, the “Hello” songstress was able to pull the shapewear on, but did worry about the risks of wearing something so tight.

“I’m nervous maybe my blood’s going to get cut off or something,” she admitted. “So, if I pass out half way through the show, don’t worry — that is why.”

This isn’t the first time that Adele has opened up wearing Spanx during a performance.

Last year, the mom of one announced during one of her shows that the undergarments actually caused her to develop a fungal infection.

“I sweat a lot, and it doesn’t go anywhere, so I basically am just sitting in my own sweat, so my doctor [diagnosed] me [with] jock itch,” she said in a video shared by a…

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