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Carol’s Daughter founder reflects on 30 years; ‘It’s basically my life,’ says Lisa Price

by The Grio

For many Black women, their first hair salon experience was at home. There, they would get their hair washed at the sink, straightened with a hot comb at the stove, or twisted and accessorized with baubles and barrettes on the living room floor. Decades later, the process of doing their hair may have changed, but there are two things that remain: the memories and the products that started it all. 

Carol’s Daughter products were at the forefront of many of those experiences. Whether it was the Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Leave-in Conditioner, the Almond Milk Ultra-Nourishing Hair Mask, or any of the other cult-favorite products offered, those products were a staple in many Black households. Founder Lisa Price began creating the hair and body products in 1993 in the kitchen of her mother’s Brooklyn apartment. From its inception until now, each product has been made with love and care. 

“There are a number of businesses, and in particular Black-owned businesses, that don’t get past seven years,” Price recently told theGrio. “To have been able to do that from something that I started in my kitchen [and] to be here 30 years later is remarkable. It’s something that I sometimes struggle to put into words, because it’s basically my life.” 

On May 25, the brand will officially celebrate 30 years in the beauty industry. Price attributes the success and longevity of the brand to the consistency of the products and the dedication to the health of hair. 

“They [were] one of the first [brands] that I started [using] with my hair,” said Nadiya Issa, a digital creator and naturalista. “If it works, I’m gonna stick to it. I know natural hair now is a thing, and finding what works is hard, so I like to stick to my tried-and-true.”

Price’s mother, Carol, taught her never to sacrifice hair health for a specific style. She acknowledges that this new generation of naturalistas grew up…

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