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A 13-minute low-impact cycle and strength HIIT workout that torches calories

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If you’re short on time and looking for a quick workout that mixes both cardio and strength training, look no further.

Cycling is a great cardio option because it’s low impact, putting less pressure on your joints, says Barry’s instructor Ianthe Mellors. By tacking on a few upper-body strength exercises, she adds, you’ve got an effective full-body workout that fits into any schedule.

Mellors teaches the new Ride x Lift program at Barry’s. During the 50-minute class, half of the time is spent doing low-impact cardio on the bike and the half doing strength training on the floor. The class isn’t offered at all locations (yet), so Mellors created this 13-minute routine for TODAY.com to give us a taste of the workout.

Use it as a standalone workout on days when you’re pressed for time or to “warm you up and get you sweaty” before a longer workout, she says.

How to set up your spin bike

Before pressing play, take a few minutes to make sure your bike is set up properly.

  • Seat: Mellors says you want your seat to be as high as your hip. Stand next to the saddle, lift the leg that’s closest to the seat and make sure it’s in line with your hip. Once on the bike, you can make sure your seat is the correct height by pushing one pedal down to straighten the leg. At the bottom position the knee should be slightly bent, not locked out.
  • Handlebars: Choose the height that feels comfortable to you. If you have lower back issues or are pregnant, Mellors suggests having the handlebars higher to alleviate pressure on your lower back.

The seat and the handlebars should be forearm-distance apart. Place your elbow against the front of the seat and your finger tips should graze the back of the handlebars.

13-minute cycling and strength full-body workout for beginners

After warming the body up, you’ll move in and out of the saddle and play…

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