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Zendaya Getting $1 Million Per Euphoria Episode Now

by Black America Web

Making a debut on June 16th, 2019, Euphoria has two seasons both of which feature amazing music, cinematography, and storytelling that often leaves young adults on the edge of their seats. HBO’s Euphoria placed Zendaya in the lead role playing ‘Rue’, a 17-year-old high school addict who deals with social anxieties, drug abuse, sexuality, and family issues. Zendaya has come a long way since her most famous debut to the world in Disney Channels: Shake It Up. She became Spiderman’s girl, played in several comedy, romance, and action blockbusters, and not only excelled in the film world, but the TV world as well. Recently, it has been reported that Zendaya has renegotiated her contract for $1 million an episode.

“Anyone who has loved Rue, or feels like a Rue, I want you to know that I’m so grateful for your stories, and I carry them with me, and I carry them with her.” She stated at the 74th Emmy Awards after winning Lead Actress. Zendaya’s star performance as Rue is one of the reasons Euphoria blew up, so it’s not surprising she’s bringing home the big bucks.

Interviewing with Variety in February 2022, Eric Dane who plays the father of Nate, “Cal Jacobs” stated that shooting for Season 3 could have started in November 2022. You can currently catch Euphoria on Hulu and HBO.



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