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Yvett G Dishes On Designing The Fabulous Frenchies In Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Nails Collection

by Black America Web

When Nicki Minaj launched a line of elaborate press-on Pink Friday Nails in tandem with her Pink Friday 2 World Tour, the Barbz jumped on the opportunity to cop their favorite tippies and tickets to the show. With over 150 luxurious press-on nail designs, lengths, and shapes, Pink Friday Nails are the perfect “Gag City” accessory with multiple functionality.

That’s the beauty of press-on nails. A good pair will last multiple wears and offers versatility. Designed by Nicki Minaj’s longtime nail tech, Yvett G, Creative Director at Pink Friday Nails, the collection is a gift from Nicki to her loyal fans.

“The biggest thing she asked for was to start with designs she’d wear herself, we had to include super long nails that were definitely missing in the market and definitely some bling with beautiful stones and charms,” says Yvett. The nail guru started doing Nicki Minaj’s nails five years ago, “so when she decided to start Pink Friday Nails she knew she wanted me to be a part of it,” she explained to us.

The press-on nails market has greatly changed over Yvett’s career. While she was making custom press-on nails for her clients, she saw a major uptick in the market after the pandemic.

Yvett incorporated some of Nicki Minaj’s favorite nail elements in her nail designs. “She’s been pretty hands-on in selecting designs she liked most.” Pun intended. As for the Queen’s favorite design from the collection, Yvett says Nicki is “a fan of the bling nails” but she also has “been rocking the shorter chrome styles.” For Yvett, “it’s Majesty in Red Ruby.” And the fans love “On My Tippies is a fave for sure. Everyone loves the chrome frenchies.”

So you’ve copped your Pink Friday Nails, what’s next? When asked her tips for long-lasting press-on nails, Yvett said “prepping” is key. “Making sure to have a nice dry surface on your natural nails, pushing back the cuticles.”

Cop Pink Friday…

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